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So I stumbled across the work of Lucy McRae and instantly became obsessed and inspired by the British born artist whose work gushes creativity at its very finest. Lucy McRae is a graduate of dance and theatre and has a background in fashion and architecture. Lucy refers to herself as a ‘body architect’ exhibiting works of revolutionary concepts that depicts fashion meeting biology.

(Body embellished with saftey pins by Lucy McRae)

Lucy’s style of work is genetic manipulation which she adorns the human body with unusual mediums such as hooks and eyes, q-tips as well as using safety pins to embellish the body to achieve graphic concepts on how the silhouette of the human body can be reshaped.

(Body adorned with hooks and eyes by Lucy McRae)

(Body adorned with Q-tips with ink by Lucy McRae)

Lucy has collaborated with the likes of Bart Hess and made sculptures for Vogue and SHOWstudio. The latest works Lucy has exhibited sees her collaborate with Robyn to produce “human emotion coexisting within a digital world”. After being mesmerised by this talented artist I have outlined the top 5 works that will blow you away, as it did me. 

One: Grass

This grass piece is amazing. The grass grows out of sacks that resemble the shape of sumo wrestlers body. What I really admire about this piece of work is that for the work to be finished it requires time for the grass to start to grow, this is a great metaphorical representation of hair growing from the skin.  Lucy could have easily chosen to create the work using turf but this would not work as well with the concepts of hair growth on the human body. 

Two:  High-tech Bio Sensitive Software

Robyn joined forces with Lucy to create this amazing piece that takes on the inspirational concepts of relationships within skype.

Three: Prosthetics

I love this prosthetics piece, the work takes on new concepts of the human body shaping the body in a distorted way as to how you would traditionally view it. The prosthetics piece sees artificial legs replaced as the arms, which sees blue latex gloves on the feet of the person and on the feet of the prosthetic legs that make them look like hands. When you view the work the body distortion is not immediately noticeable but when you recognise the formations of the body are distorted it becomes slightly uncomfortable to look at the way the body takes on innovate silhouette concept. 

Four: Paper

I love when paper is used in art but what I love about the way Lucy has used paper is the fact that the skin of the body takes on a new form creating a depth of great texture.

Five: Soap

The formation of the bubbles on the body resembles a long sleeve top. The way the bubbles droop and the colour of the bubbles work well in providing an aesthetically pleasing texture and defined look.

There you have it an incredible artist who transpires distorted perspectives of the human body in an elegant but artistic way.  Check out the video and more cool pictures of Lucy McRae’s work.

(By Lucy McRae)
(By Lucy McRae)
(By Lucy McRae)

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