• Sandra Backlund: A Wool Spinning Genius

Sandra Backlund’s is an awe inspiring fashion designer, where by her work gives me goose bumps every time I see it. The young talented designer produces work that I still can’t fathom as to how she could have such a creative mind-set in coming up with such unique designs and concepts.

Backlund is one designer whom I’m totally inspired by, so much so that I could not resist sharing her marvelous wool master pieces with you. Backlund studied in Sweden at the college of art and design in Stockholm.  She was able to master her skills in design and particularly favoured working with the design discipline of knit.

It was in 2004 Sandra Buckland graduated from fashion school and in the same year she was able to launch own her own fashion label called ‘Sandra Backlund’. The wearable knit designer has produce over fourteen otherworldly knit collections which are all super stylish, and will revolutionize the way in which we can wear knit.

One collection that particularly stood out and helped cement Sandra on the map even more of as a unique fashion designer was with her collection entitled “Last Breathe Bruises”. It was an epic collection that saw surreal and extremely fascinating pieces. The work she produced within this collection was an exciting addition to the fashion stratosphere because it took on innovative realms, where no designer had been or achieved before, making the likes of knit wear designer Johan Ku look amateur.

The last collection we saw from Sandra Bucklund was back in autumn winter 2011 collections. This fall range was a much more sombre and dubbed down in terms of style aesthetics compared to her previous collections, although much of what was in this collection was much more versatile wearable knitwear fashion.

That said, she is back and she is back with a bang this autumn winter! I rarely get that excited about clothes but with Sandra Backlunds work I just get ecstatic. Her latest collections sees strong corsetiere structures transpire into 3D woolen garment constructions, with tweed and patch work like skirts. It really is all so intensely good, feminine and chic.  The beautiful collection looks couture, couture that you can actually wear. All the pieces are statement eye popping treats. Every time I marvel at Sandra Backlunds work I get anxiety because all I want to do is get my hands on it, and work all of the pieces into both my spring summer and autumn winter wardrobe.

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  1. Johan Ku's work is a piece of ART!