• Luxury Designer: Niels Peeraer

Niels Peeraer is a young talented Belgian fashion and accessories designer I have recently discovered, he’s so good I couldn’t help but share his work. Peeraer was destined to make it big in the fashion world because of all his diligent hard work he put in since graduating from fashion school in 2011. Niels Peeraer studied at the Royal Fashion Academy completing a master’s degree that was so successful it won 5 awards. The collection was innovative and well received he even managed to collaborate with luxe brand Delvaux on this collection.

Following on from his electric SS11 collection every season since Peeraer has brought out a stunning range that exudes his design theme which depicts the stark contrast between masculinity and femininity. The Avant guard designer visualises this concepts in his work by using hard fabrics in soft designs to translate in to beautiful pieces of wearable art. I particularly love the shoes that he had designed for his SS11 collection, they would make a cool statement piece worthy of taking the top spot in any shoe collection.

The brand which is now established in Paris, is an idyllic set of accessories that display excellence in leather craftsmanship. The jewellery he creates in the form of leather cuffs is unique in unconventional interesting forms. This same high level of intricacy and craftsmanship is also displayed in the collection of luxe leather goods that includes bags and hats in designs that are fascinatingly unusual.

The bags the young designer produces are boxed like with clear precision cuts and forms, adorned with embellished stud detailing with infusions of fabric manipulation detailing. The hats he designs take on new concepts of traditional hat making, they are captivating and eloquent and a piece you can throw into any ensemble and look ravishingly good with a fashion forward style with depth and texture.

The colours in the range are kept simple in pastel tones of peachy pink and a blueish grey, in designs that are petite and dainty but strong in form.  All of the pieces are timeless classics and versatile enough to work into your sartorial and off duty wardrobe.

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