• The Kampe Clothing: Exploded View & Cape of Good Hope Collections

It’s not often I come across amazing designer menswear that is the epitome of quirky statement fashion. Michael Kampe has the most amazing collection of garments that take a new direction in men’s down town cool fashion. The clothing range has been designed with fabrics such as street-denim which formulates an electric array of bespoke garments.

Exploded View Collection 

Michael Kampe’s label called ‘Kampe’ has two distinctive collections. The first being the ‘Exploded View’ which looks at the concept of clothing being a form of explosion, as well as deconstruction that also denotes the world we live in being well structured. Kampe’s other range called ‘Cape of Good Hope’ is a five piece collection of outerwear. Michael got his inspiration for his designs in this collection from a painting entitled “Das Eismeer” by German artist Caspar David Friedrich.

Cape of Good Hope Collection

What I love about Kampe’s work is that you can see evidence of his architectural influences whereby he is producing interesting fashion that can be regarded as true fashion design. The garments the designer produces are hand finished; each piece is focused on by Michael Kampe as he personally dyes and treats the clothing in his production place in Belgium. Considering that the upmost craftsmanship has gone into each garment, Kampe’s clothing is at a reasonable price for designer clothing when his line is so stylish and exclusive.

Exploded View Collection 

Michael Kampe has a passion for design and creating new individualistic pieces, he discovered a unique way of devising designs for his collection by deconstructing and then re-constructing existing pieces such as a parker coat or tailored jacket. For Kampe to establish his final design he then experiments with fabrics, changing them from the traditional and introducing combos like printed cotton on foam and popelines with linen. Kampe also gains inspiration from architects like Lucy McRae and Daniel Libeskind.

Exploded View Collection 

Kampe is passionate about the overall style aesthetics of his collection and says “It is very important to me that the wearer does not look goofy or like in a costume”. The designer need not worry about the perception of how his clothes may look on because his designs are beautiful statements of fashion with abstract and interesting shapes and silhouettes.  Michael Kampe’s work shows variety in fashion design at its finest. Kampe’s pieces all explore fashion garment construction disciplines of print, embellishment, fabric manipulation and knitwear, all with the most unusual pattern cuts. Both collections ‘Exploded View’ and ‘Cape of Good Hope’ present brand new fashion styles and concepts, which are innovative and unique giving designer Rick Owens a good run for his money.

Exploded View Collection 

So, gents, will you be purchasing an exclusive piece from Kampe’s collection, and ladies are you hoping he ventures into womenswear?

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