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Award winning  advertising and editorial photographer Fulvio Bonavia, who was named one of the 200 best ad photographers in the world by bi-monthly advertising trade magazine Luezer’s Archive is most renowned for his campaigns for automotive companies including Jaguar, BMW and Audi.


But Bonavia turned his hand to more commercial fashion photography back in 2009 when he published his first book A Matter of Taste which captured high end designer garments made out of food. The edible offerings were manipulated and turned into handbags, shoes and even dresses. The coffee table style book is a fun and unique look into the seduction of fashion and food.

Louis Vuitton

The book combines the dual nature of the subjects; both food and fashion are lusted after but at the same time forbidden. The garments are put together to look like pieces by designers including Alexander McQueen and Moncler amongst others and successfully capture the highly curated aesthetics that come with the designer brands.


Bonavia has the incredible ability to turn cauliflowers into bobble hats, sardines become intricately made belts and watermelons become scooter helmets. The photographer admits perfecting the images a lot in post-production due to the nature of the fruit spoiling so quickly. For the Prada dress Bonavia notes ‘we made a mock-up of the dress using a transparent mannequin and attached citrus to part of it. It was not possible to make an entire dress of the fruit slices because it goes bad very quickly.




The collection is definitely a unique look at two of our favourite things and definitely worth a look! Which one is your favourite?

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