• Joyce Wong: Wearable Art Designer

I always love to scout out new fresh emerging talent. Young fashion designers are fearless and this translates into super cool, fun and interesting designs. One designer who has caught my eye this 2013 is Joyce Wong.

Wong is originally from Hong Kong, he graduated from London College of Fashion 2013 after studying a BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology in womenswear. His final collection speaks volumes of how amazing wearable art is and where it has evolved to.  The talented designer designed a budding final collection entitled ‘Morris and the Fishgirl’ in which he drew on multiple sources for his inspiration.

Much of his inspiration for the designs came from fisherwomen and dancers. He was particularly transfixed with the Morris dance which is a traditional folk dance where he took the ruffles from there skirts and incorporated them into his contemporary designs.  Wong also drew inspirational from fishergirls of the 19th century that walked role-playing in parades in the North of Britain, taking the patchwork of their skirts and translating this pattern into his designs.

Portfolio research page

The pieces in this collection ooze quintessentially British accents further drawing on inspiration from Scottish Festivals like Newhaven Gala and Seafeast in Arbrath.  Even when it came to choosing the colour palette for each of his designs, Wong kept the fisherman theme running throughout. He did this by choosing a painting by Martin Ellis called “¼ Savoring the moment” whom was an artist and former fisherman.

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I’m obsessed with his work because it’s all about statement eye popping garments that you just can’t look at and not be in ore. I love the way he uses ruffles and colour to translate feminine accents. Each of the six looks Wong has skilfully created is indeed spectacular pieces of art infused with British traditions and history.

I can’t wait to see more work from the junior designer who has been an assistant to the sample room and embroidery design team for Peter Pilotto, and is now to embark on new journeys at Kokon To Zai. This is a fantastic move for the young designer because he can develop and refine his skill base to perfection, which will hopefully enable him to bring us more of his fascinating and visually exciting concepts of wearable art fashion pieces.

Joyce Wong: Six Piece Collection

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