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So autumn winter is nearly here and it’s time we all have to start thinking about ditching the summer dresses and sandals for the oversized winter coats and knits. I’m almost there in choosing wardrobe essentials; I’ve got all my style picks at the ready on a private Pinterest wish list board. The shoes are sorted also… I know exactly what I’m getting; you wouldn’t believe how excited I am for the mammoth shopping spree to commence!

The only element that I’m missing is the jewellery and accessories to pull all my looks together. I usually invest in one key piece every year so that I can keep it forever in my jewellery box as that ‘special’ keep sake piece, rather than constantly ploughing my money into on trend costume jewellery that lasts five minutes. I’m looking for something fun, quirky, cool and edgy and I just can’t seem to find anything outstandingly unique and affordable anywhere, it’s now beginning to drive me around the bend.

I found this designer whom I’ve never seen her work before called Julia Goland she’s been around for a while since 2007 in fact. She designs cool jewellery and her pieces can brought from her selling space on a website called Devianart which is an online social network for artists or her online Etsy store.

Julia Goland is the designer behind jewellery collection Julishand, she is a Israeli jewellery designer that specialises in leather and beading.  The ingenious designer creates jewellery using moss and other nature finds to create one off wearable miniature garden pieces. Goland is so skilled and precise with her craft that you would find it difficult to ascertain whether her idyllic compositions within the jewellery were real or not.

The work that I am mostly obsessed with is the pieces that are nature infused. The collection of nature jewellery consists of rings and necklaces beautifully created using real nature mediums that being leaves, moss, flowers and soil.  You always see nature being used as an inspiration for jewellery through flower prints and forms or even animal prints. Rarely do you ever see it directly as jewellery in the way Goland has created her pieces.  It’s beautifully done the pieces are dainty and delicate, awe inspiring pieces of art in Avant guard designs.

Morning in the Forest

Forest Ring

Tree Ring

Flower Necklace 

Flower Necklace

I’m looking for similar statement pieces like that of Golands work, I'm in need of jewellery that uses the very finest materials that nature has to offer as this collection by Goland is old and no longer can be purchased. 

I have found another really interesting nature jewellery designer called Allison Wells, she designed a cute flower pot ring that can be purchased from online store Paper Snake. As much as I love the concept and design, it’s not quite that statement maker like that of Julia Goland work. 

So, please if you know of any cool nature jewellery designers feel free to leave a comment with a link.

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