• Hello Kitty Contact Lenses!

Like the Smiley Face emotion, the Hello Kitty cat has become an epidemic in its own right.

Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by Japanese company Sanrio,  she is a cute looking white Japanese bob cat who is normally seen in 2D but more recently in children’s toys, she has become alive more so than ever in 3D statuesque formations.

Kitty’s first appearance was in Japan on an item which was a vinyl coin purse back in 1974, Hello Kitty eventually made her way to the United States by 1976. The character is the epitome of 'adorable' in Japanese popular culture. Kitty is now nearly forty years old and at a very nice fine age she is a global marketing phenomenon worth at least five billion dollars a year!

Kitty was originally aimed at the pre-adolescent girl but the adorableness of the icon is much loved if not more by adults too.

Hello Kitty can be found in a variety of products from children’s games, lunch boxes, plasters, fashion accessories to an array of high end products. Hello Kitty is so famous you can even drink her in a soft drink pomegranate tea or in a alcoholic beverage.

So with the Hello Kitty Empire so huge and the love for the character so strong, you can now let everyone see how deep the love is with a new range of contact lenses that have recently been brought out.  They are quite ingenious really; I've never seen anything of the kind. This is the most superior of Kitty products out there, these contact lenses will instantly grab the attention of whoever you lock eyes with.

The contact lenses come in two varieties, you can either gaze into people’s eyes with the Kitty taking up your entire eye, or you can opt for mini faces of Hello Kitty ringed around your pupil which are also embellished with tiny love hearts. They come in almost every colour of the rainbow including that of chocolate, black and grey. The lenses come beautifully packaged pink and white Hello Kitty branding. The lenses are non-corrective and will cost you in the region of a hundred dollars a pop, which you will need to dispose of after a month.

I’m sure that these are not on every fashionista’s wish list, but they will definitely help you to channel your inner kitty and help you define a camp kitsch style aesthetic. Forget Pinky and the Brain taking over the world it’s the Hello Kitty who you need to keep a look out for!

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