• The New iPad Air

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade you’ll already be aware that whenever Apple release a new product it almost always simply means that they’re releasing a variation on a theme. That variation is usually that it is either thinner, lighter or both.

Not since the release of the iPad back in 2010 have Apple actually released something game-changing. Before you jump to conclusions, we’re by no means implying that the iPad Air is a game-changer, but it’s more than we’ve come to expect from Apple in the last three years.

Some people will upgrade every time Apple brings out a slightly updated but barely different product, those people probably have enough money to not have to read a review. But if you’re not one of those people you’ll probably be wondering whether the new iPad Air is worth forking out nearly £400 for.

Well here are the facts; the Air has a 43% thinner bezel and is 28% lighter than before, it has twice the performance of previous iPads and an impressive eight times the performance of the original iPad. Not only that but it comes with faster Wi-Fi, a five mega pixel rear facing camera, duel microphones and a satisfyingly long ten hour battery life.

All this adds up and whilst there is nothing fundamentally different about the iPad Air it is certainly leagues apart from its predecessors.   Michael Rundle of the Huffington Post claimed that the new device is ‘one of the most overwhelmingly convincing upgrades Apple has released in a long time’.

Overall the Ipad air is stunningly lighter, faster, and brighter, with longer battery life and unparalleled performance compared to previous generation iPads and even its closest Android rivals are milled behind in everything from design to spec.

Rundle concludes that the iPad air is ‘in short, everything you thought you’d use your iPad for, but probably never bothered to do.’

If you’re looking to upgrade any time soon then the iPad Air is certainly a convincingly good case to get on and do it.

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