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With the release of the Galaxy Gear being somewhat underwhelming we’ve been taking a look over some of our favourite smartwatches. At a time where the market for wearable technology still seems to be in its infancy it seems that some manufacturers, potentially Galaxy included, have been a little hasty to push their wares before they’re ready.

The Galaxy Gear is only compatible with one specific Galaxy tablet, you can’t access your emails or read tweets but these are all issues that can be resolved with software updates.

But even with this in mind if you’re still in the market for a piece of wearable tech then we’ve done the leg work for you and come up with our top five favourite smart watches!

1. Pebble: This fun smartwatch looks great and syncs to both iPhone and android phones, you can use apps and is great for the tech lovers out there and a steal at only £95

2.  Suunto Ambit – Definitely around the higher end of the price points the Suunto Ambit is definitely worth forking out the extra cash for. Designed to look like a classic watch it features GPS, rout planning and navigation apps, altitude statistics and also tracks your heart rate – perfect for the adventurer.

3. Coocoo – Cool, vibrant analogue design the best thing about this colourful smart watch is that it will remind you before you leave the house if you’re about to leave your phone behind – great for the forgetful among us! Starts at £109.95.

4. Nike + GPS Sport Watch – It’s kind of in the name, this sleek looking watch is ideal for the sports fanatics among us, with built in Tom-tom satellite navigation this bad boy uses data so that you can track all your exercise right there.

5. I’m Watch – A rather strange name the I’m Watch is great looking and comes in a number of sleek colours this specific watch is definitely the best for those who love apps, the screen resolution is among the best we’ve seen. £219

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