• Wearable Art Designer: Nadine Geopfert

I stumbled upon this visually captivating textile designer called Nadine Geopfert. The talented designer is Avant and innovative with her design skills and craftsmanship. The inspiring prodigy is based in Berlin and studied at the school of arts Weissensee & Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

The ingenuity of the designers work began back in 2009 with her first project collection called ‘200 photographs’ and every year since she has brought out fascinating bewitching conceptualised work. Geopfert’s latest work entitled “The Garments May Vary” is literally what she has curated for her 2013 project.
I’m obsessed with the work in this collection because it’s wearable art that captures a certain condition or movement of a naturally ever changing object. What I love is the fact that the final process of this piece is never defined because only through wearing the garment are you able to capture the process in what it’s form should aesthetically look like.

The pieces Geopfert produced for the project change form, structure, volume, motif and colour all whilst in normal use. The medium she has used to create garments includes Memory foam, whereby the designer created an oversized baby pink jumper. The textile designers designs also venture into the realms of wax where she has created a wax skirt and jacket which are both strong in form. The innovations of her designs in this project don’t stop there, she has also created a futuristic jacket where the material is liquid.

Memory Foam Jumper

Wax Skirt

Liquid Jacket

What is so spectacular about the concept of this project is that the garments temporarily and permanently capture movements and behaviour patterns of the wearer. And what’s even more cooler with it doesn’t stop there once the garment has been worn and is off, it can be regarded as a sculptural abstract object that can no longer be recognised as an item of clothing. 

I will always be intrigued by the intelligence of Nadine’s Geopferts visions for her work because these pieces go beyond the a definition of a garment.

What do you think and are you as inspired as I am?

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