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Every once in a while an invention comes along that really impresses you, whether it’s something mind-blowingly high tech or an idea so beautifully simple that you can’t believe that you ever survived without it before.

Enter the Everpurse; a stunning clutch designed by husband and wife team Liz and Dan Salcedo that charges your phone on the go. It is a prime example of the fashion and tech world coming together to create something innovative that solves a universal problem and doesn’t compromise on style.
There is no reason to fret anymore when you get to that dark time around four or five in the afternoon. After a heavy day on Twitter, Facebook or Google Maps and that alert flashes up on screen informing you that you have 20% battery life left to last the rest of the day.
No need to carry an emergency charger, no need for bulky battery packs the Everpurse is the answer to your smartphone woes. 

Simply place your Everpurse on a sleek white charging matt overnight and then during the day slip your smartphone into a specially designed pocket within the clutch and it will charge your phone up to two times during the day.

The idea was launched via the creative project fundraising website Kickstarter in 2012 and impressively, after just one week Liz and Dan had managed to surpass their goal of $100,000. 

The Everpurse comes in a range of sleek designs and starts at $189 for a simple fabric clutch and up to $319 for a stunning leather design. The premium leather collection includes everything from Emerald croc-pattern leather clutch to glistening Sapphire leather and bold Persimmon styles that are good enough to rival their designer counterparts.

Whether you keep your Everpurse as an insert inside of your everyday bag or hold it as a clutch it solves the problem of having to root around in the depths of your bag, past books and rogue mascaras, wallets, hairbrushes and numerous pots of Vaseline. 

The Everpurse is available to buy online and charges the iPhone 5, 4/4S and the Galaxy III – so what are you waiting for?

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