• Apple and Yves Saint Laurent

Apple, arguably, may not have been on top of their game in recent years but none the less they remain the most valuable tech companies in the world. Earlier this month technology journalists the world over got hot under the collar at the news that Apple had hired Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve.

Deneve, the 52 year old Belgian makes a return to Apple having worked as the company’s sales and marketing manager in Europe during the 90s. With a degree in Business and Management and impressive fashion credentials it seems that Deneve is the perfect person to take the helm of Apple’s ‘special projects’.

After leaving Apple Deneve worked as a Managing Director of the French fashion house Courreges and then went on to become the CEO at Nina Ricci. Deneve’s career in fashion really took off when he was appointed the president of Lanvin and was then the CEO of the Yves Saint Laurent group last year.

Apple’s appointment of Deneve caused excitement all over the world and speculation is high that the move suggests Apple is ready to properly commit to the idea of wearable computing, and specifically the iWatch project. The flames of excitement were fanned even further this week when it was revealed that Apple had in fact applied for trademarks to the iWatch name in Taiwan, Turkey, Mexico and Colombia.

A report in ElPais a few months ago claimed that Apple may have many problems, including surviving after the death of Steve Jobs, but the problems can all be solved by one single solution; ‘The Revolutionary Project’. Apple is fully aware that they need that new product to recreate the magic that Jobs’ genius created.

So it seems that Deneve’s appointment at Apple will be the perfect match, hopefully Deneve will be able to lend his expertise in Marketing and a fresh pair of eyes to move the company in the right direction.

It would be highly probable that the direction that Apple and Deneve is towards the niche market of wearable technology. Erika Alvarez, an MSc International Fashion Marketing from GCU London states that ‘Apple and Deneve can do a very good job together. Leveraging the high position of quality that Apple has reached in the market and Deneve’s experience within the fashion industry, I can imagine that they will be able to create the definitive fashion wearable device that will set the trend for the rest to follow.’

Whatever it is that these ‘special projects’ turns out to be whether it’s wearable technology or something completely different it will be a huge part in the fate of the company. As Eduardo Arrufat from the Digital Journal notes that CEO of Apple Tim Cook’s appointment of Deneve might mean that ‘Apple might recoup the share price losses from the last tear and probably be seen again as the one and only dictating force in consumer technology; however, another batch of bad decisions and steps in the wrong direction might doom his career forever’.

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