• Things to Come: Predictions for the Future

If you’d have told me ten years ago that I would be doing my shopping almost exclusively online or that I would be able to see runway shows as they happen from a myriad Instagram photos from fashion bloggers occupying the front row, or even live streamed from a camera in Cara Delavigne’s handbag I would laugh in your face. If you had tried to convince me that catwalk models at designer shows would wear glasses that augmented reality or that I could buy a chip that goes in my shoe that has GPS tracking I wouldn’t believe you.

I think that if you’d have told me all of these things ten years ago I would have thought you were stealing plotlines from The Fifth Element or Minority Report. But of course, as we are fully aware, these things are real, it’s not the future, the future is here and all of those things exist.

So much has happened in the fashion industry over the past decade, the popularity of ecommerce is booming, catwalk shows are increasingly interactive and designers and industry insiders are fully embracing technology.

This has got us wondering what the fashion world will be like in another ten years’ time. Will we be splashing the cash on new season Balmain gravity boots or trying to work out the best way to accessories our amazing printed Kenzo space suits?

We take a look at what we think the fashion industry will be up to over the next decade from interactive blogging to future fashion trends.

As shops on the high street have closed their doors to consumers and big businesses have folded it is a case of sink or swim and in this case it’s about whether the fashion industry embraces online. With everything from intuitive online shopping experiences to mobile apps that allow consumers to shop in their own way, the internet is revolutionising how we buy clothes. This will only continue to develop further with shoppers looking online for an item and checking it’s in store before even entering a boutique, then paying directly via their phones to avoid waiting in long queues. This kind of technology makes the whole experience of shopping easier for consumers and we can’t wait to see exactly what comes next.

Shopping will become a more global experience where a consumer can find a garment from an independent boutique the other side of the world and with one click buy and have it delivered to them that week. Designers therefore will need to adapt to this way of doing business, they must learn to understand different cultural ways of working when creating and selling their clothes. Brands and designers will be able to connect directly with consumers online and create hugely valuable relationships with their customers.

It seems that the world of fashion blogging and blogging in general is getting to the point of oversaturation; we predict that this will die down a bit meaning that the discerning voices will be more easily heard. Fashion blogging will become a respectable form of fashion journalism because of this. It will continue to be successful as it moves away from what magazines offer the consumer and instead moves towards ever more interesting forms of content. From videos to widgets, apps and interactive content blogs will become the dominant voice in fashion media.

These fashion blogs demonstrate what is happening in the fashion world now and this sense of immediacy allows the consumer to be more aware of what is going on around them and therefore more attuned and decisive in the ways that they buy.

Consumers will continue to become increasingly fashion conscious and discerning and this will be even more evident throughout their shopping habits. These habits will be studied by retailers and they will be able to tailor content perfectly to that individual. Consumers will become more influential and start to play a bigger part in the processes of the fashion industry.

So there you have it, potentially nothing ground breaking here but hey, the future simply wouldn’t be as exciting if we could all imagine exactly what is going to play out. Let’s re-group in ten years’ time and go over what we’ve learnt ok?

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