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I’ve been toying with the idea to dye my hair grey with baby blue deep dyed ends for a while now.  It only occurred to me recently that my inner Seapunk was destined to be unleashed.

Sea punk is one of my favourite style aesthetics, it’s not a look I would rock head to toe but elements of the micro trend are the epitome of my style.

Seapunk is a sub culture group which developed back in 2011 with the rise of social media platforms Tumblr and Twitter. You can recognise a Seapunk urchin from a mile off with their shared nostalgia for all things 1990’s. Seapunks listen to a distinct style of music as well having a defined sense of style in fashion and design.

The name 'Seapunk' was coined by DJ @lilinternet, he tweeted and named the lifestyle aesthetic which was one of the first references to the microculture which is often described as oceanic. The sea is a huge inspirational element to the trend which also sees lots of mystical and fantastical connotations. Seapunks fashion aesthetic sees lots of marine and pastel colours of the rainbow, where mythical fashion and accessory style picks like mermaids and unicorns are favoured dearly.

I love the trend for all its graphic statement prints which sees anything from candy to psychedelic prints on clothing and accessories. Punk inspired fashion is a trend that I will be forever investing in and I love the Seapunk trend because it takes the elements of punk fashion without the black Gothics aesthetic. Seapunk is a a trend that has been quickly adopted by celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and even Rhianna where she was chastised  for even discrediting the trend.

I’m always one for investing in directional style picks to help define my personal styling so that I look unique as possible. The Seapunk trend offers futuristic designs and incredible textures. Check out my top 10 Seapunk style picks which will give your style some defined attitude this summer...

One:Etsy-Shell Bag 

Two: Net-a-porter-Sophie Webster Jelly Shoes

Three: Shop Pink Sugar- Shell Bra

Four: 80stees.com-Hologram Hat

Five: Etsy- Mermaid Leggings

Six: Sexy Sweaters-Rainbow Sweater

Seven: Topshop- Hologram Top

Eight: Farfetch-Jeremy Scott Backpack

Nine: Ebay- Old skool Adidas Sneakers

Ten: Nastygal-Fur phone cover

What do you think to the Seapunk trend and do any of these pieces take your fancy?

Image source: www.pinterest.com

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