• Victoria Secrets embraces the Wearable Tech Trend!

Just as I was waiting in anticipation for coverage from the first ever Victoria Secrets show in London, I came across some lingerie from one Victoria Secrets  latest collection which is a far cry from a away from it’s usually sultry lace inspired pieces.

On the December 2nd expect decadent baroque opulence at its finest, with whimsical fairy tale inspired looks juxtaposed with fierce vixen and dream girl looks, which are all sneak peak illustrations unveiled by Victoria Secrets to wet our appetites for what is set to be one of the greatest lingerie shows of all time!

However, the latest addition to the Victoria secrets line which is nothing as nearly as breathe taking or as visually exciting as the sneak peak looks for the London catwalk show comes in the form of a sports bra, which comfortably enters the brand into the realm of the wearable tech times. Incredible by Victoria secrets is a sports bra equipped with a heart rate monitor. It’s the perfect piece for the fashion conscience and the sports enthusiast as it banishes the need for a separate heart monitor belt. 

If you do any physical exercise be it running around the park, to boxing or gym training, every girl needs a sports bra! At a reasonable price of around £47, it’s a price that’s affordable and not too steep to pay considering standard Nike sports bras are in the region of £30. 

I personally like to hit the gym 4 times a week; I mix my regime up with cardio and resistant training all in aid of burning fat! Although you can’t really monitor your heart while doing resistant training it is vital to know you’re in the right heart rate zone while doing cardio, where the fat burning zone is usually at 55-65% of your maximum heart rate. This way you know you’re not under or overworking yourself, making your work out efficient as you’d be working out at your optimum level.

The Incredible bra may not be as fancy as what we are about to see next week at the star studded show that Cornucopia events has put on. It will be a spectacle that costs millions to produce, making it one not to be missed, but the tickets will for sure set you back a few bob with prices starting from £9,995 to £11,995. The higher tier priced tickets will also allow you to gain entry to the after party where you can meet secret models superstars like Karli Kloss, as well as British modelling sensations Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn.

Image source: www.techcrunch.com

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