• You’re Guide to Smart Watches

A while back I took you through some of our favourite smart watches of the moment. Smart watches are still sprouting up from everywhere so I thought I’d share a guide with you on how to score a smart watch that would actually be beneficial to daily life.  Like the Google glasses it’s a wearable tech piece that is fascinating and exciting and should be herald as a milestone of technology innovation.

So, what even is a smart watch? A smart watch is essentially just a regular watch, just a little smarter! Smart watches are effectively computer’s which you wear on the wrist. Apart from the obvious functionalities a watch has of telling the time, smart watches have inbuilt features that also include enhanced functions like GPS, as well as the ability to answer calls and watch videos, just to name a few.

The smart watches available today are like a fictional device from some futuristic realm. The watches today are so cleaver that you can sync them with all your computer devices, be it your computer, tablet or phone and have absolute coherency. Apps are a huge beneficiary to the piece where many of the watches include the standard features like Bluetooth, listen to audio, calculator, camera’s and even compasses.

One of the most unique characteristic's these new generations of watches have is a built in camera feature, which has made taking photos and watching videos on a watch become the norm. Some smart watches have the technicality to even take phone calls, while some are fitted  GPS, more tailored to the sport enthusiast in which you can clock lap times and speed.

It could be argued that tech giants have been a little hasty in manufacturing these products on the market, as not too long ago many of these pieces seemed to still be in it’s infancy without nearly as many of the functionalities theypossess today. Panasonic is one of the only mobile manufactures not to of developed a smart watch where Samsung, Microsoft,  LG, Sony have all gone all guns blazing in getting their smart technology onto the market. 

Apple the massive technology and software giants are also yet to unveiled a computerised wrist watch, although this is set to be a thing of the past come 2015 because Apple have announced their version will be here early next year.  The first smart watch was released back in 1999, while 2013 is known as the ‘Year of the smart watch’. Throughout the smart watch hype, Apple has bided their time in the releasing a smart watch product, which for them could prove to be invaluable time waited as in the meantime they could be steadily developing a smart watch product that offers the consumer  quality and genuine practicality, which alone has the properties to surpass all previous sales of smart watches.

Buying a smart watch is certainly not an item you can buy as though it were an item of clothing, as you need to consider personal lifestyle like what current brand of phone and computer software your currently using or want to use for a while, as well as the functionalities the watch presents itself, are they really useful? Or is it something you could just do as easily on a tablet? If you are a person that constantly needs to make calls, a watch phone could be all that your missing from your life, where as if you’re a fitness fanatic then a sports watch is all you’ll be needing for your gruelling fitness regimes.

I’ve pulled the top 5 smart watches that are worthy of your attention!

One: Samsung R3810 Gear 2 neo Smart Watch (Black)-£159.57

User: Android devices, Galaxy mobile or tablet
Features: 1.0 GHz dual core processor, Fitness motivator (heart rate sensor & pedometer), colour touch screen, receives calls, push notifications, app download, music player and bluetooth

Two: Sony SmartWatch 35WR50 (Black)-£189.99

User: Android devices
Features: 1.2 GHz CPU processor, talk command, push notifications, app download, fitness tracker, changeable straps 

Three: Pebble Steel Smart Watch (Silver)-£179.99

User: Android & IOS devices
Features: Access messages and emails, music player, bluetooth

Four: Martian Watch- Notifier Smart Watch-£85.00

User: Android & IOS
Features: Anologue, 1.5 OLED display, push notifications, phone camera remote, bluetooth, changeable strap

Five: LG Watch (Grey or Black)-£150

User: Android & IOS
Features: Touch screen, voice recognition, app download, bluetooth

Will a smart watch be making its way onto your wish list?

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