• The Ultimate Winter Style Pick: Texting Gloves

This week I wanted to share with you an ingenious concept that I’m surprised hadn't surfaced long ago, and that’s texting gloves!

With about a week to go until Christmas we’ve been quite lucky as we haven’t quite received that brutal ice cold weather of winter as of yet. However it’s still early days and I’m sure that when it does set in, texting gloves will be more than your best friend!

Last year was frightfully cold; I’ve never had such a rattly chesty cough in my whole life. I thought I had it covered when it came to my winter wardrobe, layering up with snoods and oversized cocoon coats. I also didn’t think it got much better than my cold proof gloves that were in a fingerless mitten design, it was so cold just peeling back the mitten to do a swipe to unlock the iPhone was almost enough to leave your fingers blistering with chill blades!

Lets rejoice! To my utter delight texting with frozen figures that are so cold that they don't even register on touch screens is now well and truly in the past. Texting gloves have landed, they are one of the most practical bits of winter gear you can invest in this season. I’ve been on the hunt for the most stylish yet versatile styles around, so that you can stay comfortably warm, texting or taking selfies all winter long.

1.       Rag and Bone mindy merino wool- £151.77- Rag-bone.com- These black gloves are for the stylish lady. You can easily text and take selfies with this piece,  where for really cold days wear these with a hand muff for that extra warmth.

2.       Touch gloves snowflakes-£6.50- Boots.com-This snow flake gloves are at an affordable price. They come in black with a white snowflake design embedded with touch screen technology that’s compatible with all touch screen technology.

3.       Ribbed texting gloves-£22.36-Madwell.com-These ribbed gloves are the latest texting glove design to hit the market. They have tiny slits in the tops of the fingers so you can text away all season long.

4.      Leather trim texting gloves-£81.00-Shoptiques.com-Nothing quite keeps your hands as warm as a good pair of leather gloves. This design has incorporated a touch screen fabric so that you can be sure to stay in touch this winter.

Image source: www.pinterest.com

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