• Creams to Iron out the Tech Neck!

I honestly don’t know where I’d be in life without my iPhone or iPad for that matter, it’s like going back in a time warp if you break or loose it while awaiting insurance cover. I simply couldn’t function just because I use my smart devices for just about everything, where my phone especially has become an extension of my hand.

No matter where you go or you know, in this tech era we live in, just about everyone has a smart device of some form or another. As it turns out the all of the hours we’re put into playing with our gadgets is the root cause of the manifestation of the hunching ‘Tech Neck’ epidemic, which is a huge problem for those of us that want to age graciously!

As a young women that’s mid club 27, I thought I had to enough to worry about as far as my beauty and fitness regime was concerned. It turns out that we need to watching out for more than the bags under our eyes (which mine are down to Prada), as well as all the diets to reduce the body fat percentage. The rise of the turkey neck is health and beauty problem we all need to be concerned with, for us women especially the neck is the tale tale sign, any sagging of the neck or wrinkles will always betray a women’s age.

Whether you want to nip it in the bud in minimalizing damage to the neck and chest area, or iron out those lines that have seemed to of magically appeared over years. These creams, along with sleep, correcting your posture and regular exercise will smooth out and banish those ghastly neck lines in no time!

1.       Declor Prolagene lift-£69.50-Allbeauty.com- I use Declor’s clenser and toner and nothing quite makes my skin feel so refreshed! This anti-aging cream is aimed for maturing skin in which rejuvenates the skin lifting, tightening and smoothing or any unwanted lines.

2.       Philospophy when hope is not enough-£31.00- Philosphyskincare.co.uk- This brand has the most beautiful set of creams which smell beautifully fresh. This replenishing cream from the brand is especially for the neck, revitalising and nourishing the skin to revitalise and firm the neck.

3.       Clarins extra firming neck cream-£39.60-Escentual.com- Clarins has been long herald as one of the best beauty brands on the market where you can visit their concessions and be consulted for your exact needs. This cream is for targeting the neck area, plumping and smoothing the delicate skin with extracts to combat wrinkles ultimately firming the skin.

4.       Immupure-£158.00-Cultbeauty.co.uk- This product is an all in one. A daily eye, face and neck cream in which this cream and the range uses concentrated Colostrum which ultimately helps with the rejuvenating the skin.

5.       Shiseido Benefiance-£42.50-Shiseido.com- I swear by this brands eye patches and as part of their collection is the neck treatment cream which promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, nourishing the skin to a silky smooth finish.

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