• Three of Fashion’s New Influencers

Fashion influencers have already changed, gone are the days when style was pushed exclusively by one or two fashion forward film stars or TV personalities. These types of stars still feature at the front rows of fashion shows and within style insider guides of course but they are now joined by a younger and internet inspired crowd. Fashion bloggers still continue to rise in numbers and statue within the fashion world while Instagram changed the game again, allowing fashion conscious users to post outfit inspiration in a way that was engaging for all kinds of followers without having to create unique content.

This type of bite-sized fashion works perfectly, giving bloggers, vloggers and Instagram influencers the chance to offer fashion snap shots that a mobile user can like in a split second on their smart phone weather at home or on the run. Those in the public eye soon caught up, using both Twitter and Instagram to their advantage as well and this all led to a generation of internet users with more say than ever, either to push their own style or to have a view on the influencers they find most inspiring.

The life time of a model within the fashion world has never been long, over 30 is almost retirement age and a number of well-known faces were discovered very young from Kate Moss at the age of 14 being found at JFK airport to Willow Smith recently being named the new face of Marc Jacobs at the same age. That leaves the likes of Cara Delevingne and Barbara Palvin as almost old hats within the model-sphere, still hugely influential and sought after by the biggest fashion houses but now accompanied with other influencers who are the age they both were when they started out, all of who are jostling to really strike out themselves and who we will take a quick look at now as fashions new influencers:

Chiara Ferragni

After hailing the impact of the internet on the fashion world and particularly the platform it has given to influencers we thought it a good idea to kick ourselves off with Chiara Ferragni, blogger over at the established fashion site The Blonde Salad. Part of some of the very first online fashion communities, 28 year old Chiara launched The Blonde Salad back in 2009 and even mentions herself that today it is far more than just a blog, collaborating with major brands both online and off Chiara is also now the creative director of her own shoe line demonstrating the fashion influence she has created herself. 

Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg better known by her blogging name Zoella is probably the best example of how effective social and blogging channels can be when it comes to building an influence. After starting her blog in the same year as Chiara Ferragni, 2009 her beauty and fashion posts gained momentum which led to the launch of her own YouTube channel by the same name which really set her apart and expanded her voice. Her YouTube channel now has over 8.5 Million subscribers and her reach on other social channels is just as large with just over 5 million Instagram followers, over 2 million Facebook fans and almost 3.5 Million Twitter fans Zoe’s audience across these platforms has helped build the huge influence she now has within the digital fashion world.

Kanye West

Ok bear with us on this one, at the age of 38 and as the only male to make the top 3 Kanye was a big shout but if one thing is true it’s that Mr West definitely influences and his foray into fashion is sure to have an impact whether on the scale he wants it to be will just have to be seen. Not a huge user of social media (leaving that to his wife) Kanye also bucks the trend in that sense as well but shows that influence doesn't purely come down to Instagram followers or Twitter retweets. Where the other influencers in this list are either advocates of or grew their whole following through these touch points Kanye gained influence through music and is now channelling his creative energies into fashion. Having already worked with A.P.C., Louis Vuitton and Nike in the past his current collaboration with Adidas is still in season 1 and the direction he heads could be interesting to follow particularly as Kanye has been openly honest about his own fashion influences from Vanessa Beecroft, Margiela and Helmut Lang. Watch this space. 

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