• Are Bloggers the new Celebrities for Endorsements?

There’s no escaping the blogesphere in today’s society. Whatever you want, whatever you’re looking for can usually be located on a blog. Whether it’s food, cars, fashion, beauty, fitness etc blogs seems to be dominating the world. Of course blogging is still a relatively new industry so many people are still unaware what it exactly involves, especially the older generation. It’s now seen as the new career choice for the younger generation to aspire too or is it just an easy cop out, out of the 9-5 grind?

Celebrity Endorsements
Britney's Pepsi endorsement
Celebrity endorsements have always been a traditional form of brand marketing. Brands are eager to hire a celebrity spokesperson, whenever a brand has a new product or service to promote. The most popular types are for c
lothing and fragrances ranging from TV adverts, PR events or even as simple as using their name. One of the most memorable and successful celebrity endorsement was Britney Spears for Pepsi. Back in 2011 Britney earned 8 million dollars for promoting the popular beverage, which included a series of highly coveted TV adverts airing during major sporting events to rake in extra sales.

However now that society has evolved into the new found digital world, are celebrities still as influential as they used to be?

The New Generation of Influencers
Today’s influencers, AKA bloggers and youtubers are extremely sought after by hundreds of brands worldwide, why? Because the public can relate to them and they’re considered as real people. The online community has evolved in leaps and bounds over the past decade and people are now realising how to use the internet to their advantage. A simple past time such as creating an online style diary or a ‘how to’ youtube video has now turned into multimillion dollar business for many young men and women worldwide. Brands have learnt that not only will their conversion/revenue be higher by advertising through online influencers but they’re also more cost effective too.

Zoella's bath & beauty line
Some of the most successful and powerful influencers on the web include The Blonde Salad, Zoella, Pewdiepie and Bethany Mota all specialising in different industries and sectors ranging from fashion to beauty to gaming. It’s not unusual for the world’s most prolific influencers to earn upwards of 1 million dollars per year from endorsements. It’s common practice that once youtubers & bloggers become established influencers, they no longer rely on brand endorsements and branch out to other
Chiara's 'flirting eye' shoe line
endeavours such as there own product lines or books. Most notable ones being Zoe Sugg’s beauty line, Tanya Burr’s make-up line and Chiara Ferragni’s shoe line, which earned her approximately 8 million dollars in one year in conjunction with brand endorsements.

So if you’re thinking about becoming the next big reality TV star, you might want to re-think your strategy and consider the online world instead, needless to say the figures speak for themselves. 

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