• Miley’s Top 5 Car Crash Outfits at the 2015 VMA’s

Cyrus as Disney's Hannah Montana and how she's transformed
American sweetheart turned wild child Destiny Hope AKA Miley Cyrus stunned fans on Sunday evening when she hosted the 32nd MTV Video Music Awards. She paraded around on stage in skimpy, outrageous costumes in front of millions of viewers worldwide. Of course Miley is no stranger when it comes to controversy as she caused a scandal back in 2013 performing at the VMA’s with Robin Thicke and infamously ‘twerking’ on the musician. So undoubtedly we were expecting some degree of controversy when she was announced as the host and Miley certainly delivered in every way shape and form, from her wacky revelling outfits, to her nip slip and even a cat fight with fellow musician Nikki Minaj.

If you missed the 2015 VMA’s this year, don’t worry because we have a run-down of Miley’s top 5 car crash outfits right here.

80’s Glitter Leotard
Cyrus graced the stage in an extremely high-cut silver glitter leotard on Sunday evening. She paired it with an oversized coat which appeared to be made of tinsel, yes Christmas tinsel. She finished the look with matching silver tinsel in her hair and silver open toe platforms. We’re not sure if Miley is simply unaware what time of the year it is or she just loves Christmas so much that she embraces the festive season all year long. Whichever it is, it’s a look that certainly doesn’t work, regardless what time of year it is. 

Plastic Macaroon Dress
If there’s one word to describe Miley, it’s certainly not shy! She’s definitely an exhibitionist and loves to flaunt her body any chance she gets. One of her many crazy outfits included a see-through plastic dress with bright colourful macaroons strategically placed to cover her intimate areas. She paired it with a pair of white leather over the knee boots and white opaque glasses. Certainly not a look to recreate.

Cut-out Pompom Dress
Possibly one of Miley’s most daring outfits of the entire evening! (although she had so many, so we’ll let you be the judge of that). A minuscule grey cut-out dress lined with white pompoms around the edge. The cut-outs reveliled an extreme amount of skin in all the wrong places. Showing off your bikini tan line on your bottom? Not a great look! Clearly no underwear was worn for this outfit, which left very little to the imagination.

Versace Nipple Covers
Despite the raunchy nature of this all pink ensemble, we’ll give Miley credit for this creatively designed outfit. Her barely there bra, which resembles something that fell out of Christian Grey’s wardrobe has Versace logos placed on each cup to cover her nipples. The rest of the outfit is fairly moderate for Miley, a pair of pink straight legged trousers and pink glitter eye mask to complete this girly look.

Metallic Cut-out Suit

Another racy outfit of the evening, although this time she looks like she’s fallen out of a spaceship. With sky high over the knee metallic boots, another strappy bondage appropriate outfit with metallic belts covering each boob and a dazzling collection of jewels on her lower half barely covering her modesty. Furthermore all the extra silver details (earrings, hair clips) adds to the madness of this outfit. Someone call ET and tell him Miley is on her way. 

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